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Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation
Winnipeg Jets True North FoundationEach and every season, True North Sports & Entertainment has worked hard to put together teams filled with players whose talent is matched, if not exceeded, by their character.

An integral part of that character is their commitment to our community. As a result, our players, sponsors, management, and staff work together throughout the season ton various initiatives to improve and support those who support us each and every day.

The Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation is the charitable arm of the Winnipeg Jets, and ‘charity of choice’ for the MTS Centre. The Foundation allows players, their partners, coaches, board members, and True North staff to contribute to the community of Manitoba in a concerted and centralized manner.

The foundation operates under the direction of Dwayne Green, Executive Director, in partnership with a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors.

What is the purpose of the foundation?

The main goal of the Winnipeg Jets True North Foundation is to strengthen and broaden the base of the Winnipeg Jets' involvement in the community. It succeeds in this area by providing funds to local, registered charitable organizations strictly in the Province of Manitoba who provide programs and/or initiatives for children/youth with a focus on healthy living.