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Q: “If I miss a payment will my season seats be cancelled?”

A: No, one missed or declined payment will not result in the cancellation of your season seats as all season ticket accounts are on a 3, 4, or 5 year Ticket Purchase Agreement. If your credit card or financial institution information changes during the process, please contact your Winnipeg Jets Account Service Representative.

Q: “Can I select a different payment option for each year of my term?”

A: Yes, a new payment option can be selected for each year of the term of your season seats.

Q: “Can I make an additional, early, or ‘lump ‘sum payment, or pay the entire balance?”

A: Yes. To process an additional payment please contact your Winnipeg Jets Account Service Representative. Making a lump sum payment will lower the upcoming payments on the Installment Plan and 12 Month Convenient Payment Plan, or if paid in full early will cancel all future payments.

Q: “I share season seats with a group and make payments on my credit card or via direct withdrawal after collecting from everyone. If there is a dispute in payment among the group what can I do?”

A: Payment arrangements made among parties sharing season tickets must be resolved within the group. The Primary Name on the account has sole rights and responsibility for the season seats in the account.

Q: “Can someone in the group I am sharing season seats with call in and make inquiries or changes to the account?”

A: No. Information about the account is only shared with the Primary Contact on the account. However, if payment is being divided up it is helpful to be able to add the names of additional contacts to provide improved service. Written consent must come from the Primary Account Holder in order to add any secondary name(s) to the account. The additional names on the account do not hold any right to ownership of the season seat account.

Account Service Team