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The use of Season Seat holder cards, increasingly used by NHL and other professional sports leagues/teams, will continue in the 2013-2014 season.

All Season Seat Holders will again receive a Jets Pass card for the 2013-2014 season, which will be used to provide primary access to the MTS Centre for all Jets home games. You will receive one [1] Jets Pass for each seat you hold as part of your Ticket Purchase Agreement. Each Jets Pass is identified with the section, row and seat corresponding to each of your Winnipeg Jets seat locations.

Access to the MTS Centre

As the Primary Account Holder, please keep your Jets Pass with you at all times. All home game information has been loaded onto the Jets Pass. Upon arrival at the MTS Centre, you will be required to present your Jets Pass at any of the entrances to the building. The barcode will be scanned for admittance into the MTS Centre for all Jets home games.

Distributing Games and Seats

As the Primary Account Holder, you can choose to allocate any number of games and seats in your Season Seat package to friends, family members, neighbours or clients by logging into Winnipeg Jets Account Manager.

The recipient of your seats will receive email notification that your seats have been made available to them. They will log in or create their own Account in order to receive the seats and complete the transfer. Once the seats have been forwarded and accepted, the original barcode on your Jets Pass card will become disabled for those particular games and seats.

As Primary Account Holder, you may also use your Account to “Reprint” tickets for any game, and distribute the hard copy “print-at-home” tickets. Again, once reprinted, the original barcode on the Jets Pass card becomes invalid and the newly printed barcode is the only active barcode that may be used for admission to the MTS Centre.

Should you wish to have all of your game and seat information printed on generic ticket stock, there will be a charge of $125 per seat per season to do so. Please contact your Account Service Representative to make this request.

Click here to download the pdf version.

Account Service Team